#5- Share your vision with your partner

This week’s Real Rewarding Relational Resolution is about visions, goals, wants, needs, and dreams.

Sounds good, eh?

What I’d like to encourage you to do this week is spend some time really looking at and exploring what your dream is for your future.  Get a good picture of it in one of three ways- verbally, visually or a combination.

Here’s the basic structure...
Take the five aspects of self (social, physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual) and explore all of them either in writing, with art, or in a collage.  The catch is… you are exploring what you want them to be.  This is vision planning- getting a grasp of your intent, wants, goals. 

Let me quickly define the five aspects of self:

  1. Social– this is the part of your life where you interact with others.  Friends, family, relationships, work, peers, acquaintances- any part of your life where you are with others.
  2. Physical– Most people think of appearance first, but physical is so much more.  It is how your feel in your body, how healthy you are, how active you are, what you like to do physically, how easy it is for you to function.
  3. Emotional– This is the tenor of your feelings world.  What types of feelings prevail, how do you handle emotions, and how do you express them?
  4. Cognitive– Your thinking life.  How do you use your brain?  Learning, doing thinking tasks, seeing new things, having new experiences?  How do you express your thoughts?
  5. Spiritual– Not just religion (which can be a part of it), spirituality is that overall sense of belonging or connection.  Some people feel it in religion, nature, interactions with others, meditation, or other ways.

You can journal about these aspects, cut out pictures, find words that strike you, or just think about them.  But in the end, you need to put them down on paper in some way.


Because in the next step you are going to share them with your partner.  (This is a relational resolution!)  It is probably a good idea to let your partner know you are doing this project and invite them to also explore their vision on their own.  That way you both can share your ideas when you are done.  If they don’t want to, don’t force them, but still do your own.

When you discuss your visions, be open to ideas and aware there might be surprises.  Talk about things you don’t understand and the ideas you really want your partner to understand.  Reach for understanding and clarity, but remember you don’t have to agree with each other.  This is a sharing exercise to know yourself and your partner better.

This week’s courageous work- create your vision and share it

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