Let’s get physical! Not just about sex, but it can improve it.

Wow!  After four days of cold driving rain, the weather finally broke.  It’s great.  Blue skies, 68 degrees, very slight breeze.  Heaven.  Time to get outside and move.  A great time to reconnect with John, too.

Reconnect?  How?

Through 2010 relationship resolution #12 – Do something physical with your partner at least once a week (aside from sex.)

Yes, sex is physical.  Yes, sex can be a way to connect.  Actually, healthy sex should be all about connecting.  However, if sex is the only way you and your partner get physical, you are missing out on a whole aspect of your relationship.

You both are physical beings.  Moving, playing, action – all are important to you both.  By doing physical things together, you celebrate that physicality (not to mention help your health, emotionally and physically.)

What to do?  You can:

  • go for a walk or hike
  • take dance lessons
  • play Dance Dance Revolution
  • work in the garden or lawn
  • go to the gym
  • bike ride
  • play tennis or raquettball
  • go horseback riding
  • surf
  • ski
  • take your motorcycle(s) out for a ride
  • take karate
  • do yoga or tai chi

The list is endless.  But you have to get out and do it – together – and enjoy.

An additional incentive – as you exercise (get active) your body feels better and has more energy.  This usually leads to better sex, another way to connect.

So as the weather is getting better, get outside with your partner and move.  That’s your courageous work and this week’s resolution.  And share in the comments the ways you like to get physical with your partner, please.

Now off to steal John away for a walk down the boardwalk!

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