Be Motivated to make Relationship Improvement

As Spring is springing, it is a reminder of the power of having an unassailable focus on goals like relationship improvement.  The trees, flowers, and bushes are not distracted from their goals of growing, flowering, living, and reproducing, and look at the wonder of nature!

Do you have that type of laser focus when it comes to relationship improvement?  What helps you accomplish your goals?  Are you as productive as you would like to be when working on your relationship or life?  Are there goals you have put off or don’t have a plan to address?

You can have many types of goals:

  • Personal goals like becoming more organized, feeling less stressed, feeling happier, enjoying life more, being better than you are now in some way, increasing self awareness
  • Health goals like increasing activity, having a healthy body, getting good sleep, enjoying what your body can do, eating nutritiously
  • Business goals like financial freedom, occupational success, enjoying your work, changing your career, starting a business, being better at what you do
  • Relationship goals like being a healthy partner, becoming close with family, having emotional intimacy, decreasing conflict, being a good parent, relationship improvement
  • Intellectual goals like learning a language, challenging yourself cognitively, obtaining a degree, gaining technical knowledge
  • Social goals like nurturing friendships, getting involved in social groups, increasing empathy, learning good social skills like listening or forgiveness
  • Spiritual goals like achieving serenity, connecting with nature, implementing a spiritual practice, exploring existential questions

With all these possibilities, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  You may bounce around between ideas and end up feeling paralyzed.  You may feel like you are always putting aside goals you really want to do in order to do things you believe you have to do.  You could be like most people who have numerous articles/books/trainings that you never really used.

So, what one thing helps the majority of people move forward on their goals?  Research shows accountability to be the biggest driver for success on goals.  So, no matter what types of goals you have, it is best to have someone who you feel accountable with.  You can ask a friend or family member as long as they are reliable and you wouldn’t resent them.

A great place to find accountability is by hiring a coach.  When I coach clients I show them how to define their goals, and then, as a classic Sci-Fi movie says, help them “Stay on target.”  The research shows people who have accountability complete goals almost twice as much as those who concentrate on their goals alone.  And it isn’t just telling someone once, the study shows what helps the most is regular ongoing accountability.

So, where can you find accountability for your goals (big or small)?  Think of who in your circle can stick with you regularly through the whole of your progress.  How can you leverage that regular accountability to achieve what you really want in your life?  What do you want to do to have relationship improvement and who can support you?

I wish you well in your goals; let me know how you are achieving them in the comments.

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