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Making Memories

I am extremely lucky to have memories of a fishing trip to Canada with my sister and father the year before he passed away.  We went to a beautiful old cabin in the woods on an island only reachable by boat.  Despite Dad’s physical difficulties (multiple amputations, walked only a short way at a time,

Excuses for Why Marriages Fail.

Recently I have been seeing a rash of articles and blog posts “explaining” why younger folks today can’t seem to stay married.  The reasons, when read with awareness, boil down to “things are different today; therefore, we can’t be expected to stay married like our parents or grandparents did.” Really?!? Honestly, most of the “explanations”

The Gift of Appreciation for you and yours

I read and interesting book the other day, The Truth About Cheating by Neuman.  It’s about why men stray and is geared to assist women in understanding how to help their man stay faithful.  According to the author there was a rigorous research project done to gather the information, and if you want to see

How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving When Your Family Doesn’t Get Along

Let’s face it, it is difficult to have a happy Thanksgiving when your family doesn’t get along.  Couples often ask me “How do we handle the Holidays?” Usually they are experiencing family stress as well as relationship issues.  Hey, aren’t family interactions relationships? Here’s my #1 tip: Don’t try to resolve long standing issues on

How to Ask for Help to Decrease Holiday Stress

Not to bring up a stressful subject, but the Holidays are fast approaching.  And the Holidays can be a stressful time despite how positive they are supposed to be. I have one strong suggestion for you this Holiday season: Ask for help. Decrease Holiday stress.  Don’t do all the planning, doing, and cleaning yourself.  Divvy

Breathing for your Relationship Stress

You have heard it, I’m sure – breathing exercises are healthy for you.  They improve your life in many ways -calming you, decreasing relationship stress, and helping you respond in a healthy manner to your partner.  But what exercise should you use? Whatever one you are comfortable with and will use regularly.  Period. You see,

5 Communication Mistakes Couples Commonly Make

Couples repeatedly come into my office and report “We just don’t know how to communicate.”  As we work together, it become obvious they are often making similar communication mistakes.  So, for your edification and in no particular order, here are the… Five Common Mistakes Couples Make in Communication They don’t recognize the real goal is

Healthy Relationships are like Water

Because I’m focusing on being centered in my business, relationships, and life I was thinking of a favorite poem/prayer of mine by Edna B. Stark. Make me like a deep, quiet pool, God, With a surface unruffled, serene, So the beauty above and around me Is mirrored clear-cut and clean. Make me like the cool

Defining a Healthy Relationship

Do you know what makes a healthy relationship?  Clients ask me all the time, and I reply, “a healthy relationship is one where two free-standing individuals chose to be together and share. ” What does this mean in a relationship?  Well, there are three main parts- free standing, choosing, and sharing.  Let’s look at each

How Anger In Relationships Can be Good

I’ve been thinking about anger in relationships.  Many couples make the mistake of thinking anger at your partner means you can’t love them or the relationship is flawed and unfixable.  Actually, anger is merely a signal that you feel threatened.  Like all other emotions it has a gift- it motivates you and gives you energy.

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