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Relationship Health Takes More than Physical Health

Most people recognize the importance of good health, but fail to recognize good health also includes taking care of themselves mentally and emotionally as well as physically.  Your mental and emotional health effects you and your relationship as much if not more than your physical condition. Below are a few strategies to boost your overall

Help Your Relationship with Frisky Friday!

Have you been thinking you need to organize yourself to get more accomplished? Have you been trying to figure out how to have time for the fun things you want to do? Do you struggle to get motivated? Do you feel overwhelmed with a large task list? Are you swamped by all the ideas to

How to Have Healthy Interactions in Your Relationships

When people think about having more healthy interactions in their relationships, they often say things like: “I’ll be nicer… or speak up… or communicate better… or listen more.” What people miss is healthy interactions with others start by accepting others.  That’s the rub and the more difficult thing to do than change a few words

4 Easy Steps to Writing a Simple but Useful Review Online

Many people get stuck and intimidated when thinking about writing a review for anything.  Here are four simple steps you can take to make writing a review a snap. 1. Remind yourself a review does not have to be long; in fact, a shorter focused one is much more helpful than a rambling review. 2.

A Single Question to Help Things Improve in Your Relationship

The topic of the week in my office seems to be how to help things improve in your relationship.  I keep telling my clients about what Terry Real calls “The Golden Rule of Relationships.”  No, this isn’t the Golden Rule of “Do unto others…”, but another just as important one. It goes like this: What

Making Memories

I am extremely lucky to have memories of a fishing trip to Canada with my sister and father the year before he passed away.  We went to a beautiful old cabin in the woods on an island only reachable by boat.  Despite Dad’s physical difficulties (multiple amputations, walked only a short way at a time,

Excuses for Why Marriages Fail.

Recently I have been seeing a rash of articles and blog posts “explaining” why younger folks today can’t seem to stay married.  The reasons, when read with awareness, boil down to “things are different today; therefore, we can’t be expected to stay married like our parents or grandparents did.” Really?!? Honestly, most of the “explanations”

The Gift of Appreciation for you and yours

I read and interesting book the other day, The Truth About Cheating by Neuman.  It’s about why men stray and is geared to assist women in understanding how to help their man stay faithful.  According to the author there was a rigorous research project done to gather the information, and if you want to see

How to Have a Happy Thanksgiving When Your Family Doesn’t Get Along

Let’s face it, it is difficult to have a happy Thanksgiving when your family doesn’t get along.  Couples often ask me “How do we handle the Holidays?” Usually they are experiencing family stress as well as relationship issues.  Hey, aren’t family interactions relationships? Here’s my #1 tip: Don’t try to resolve long standing issues on

How to Ask for Help to Decrease Holiday Stress

Not to bring up a stressful subject, but the Holidays are fast approaching.  And the Holidays can be a stressful time despite how positive they are supposed to be. I have one strong suggestion for you this Holiday season: Ask for help. Decrease Holiday stress.  Don’t do all the planning, doing, and cleaning yourself.  Divvy

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