Pleasant for the Win!

Pet my belly, please.

As I brushed my hair this morning, I looked down to see a bright pair of eyes and a smile looking up at me. As usual my cat, Wolfie, was “asking” nicely to be brushed when I was done. He absolutely adores being brushed- purring like a freight train the whole time. I am happy to oblige, even when I don’t have much time.


Because of the wonderful way he “asks”.  Pleasant, happy, and enthusiastic.

This is a relationship lesson we can all learn- always approach your partner with a pleasant attitude. It makes things go so much better.

Think about it.

  • How willing are you to listen to someone who approaches you with a grouchy attitude?
  • How likely are you to say ‘yes’ to a request made with a sour face?
  • How open are you to feedback when a person delivers it nastily?

The answer to all three is “very little to not at all.”

This is true in personal and business relationships. If you are terrible to be around, no one wants to be around you (or do anything for you.) If you are approachable, pleasant, and just plain nice, people will often go out of their way to accommodate you.

Try it.

Wolfie was brushed, and I felt good doing it. That is a real win-win situation.

Have you seen it in action?
Do you have any stories to share about how a pleasant attitude worked for you?
I’d love to read them in the comments.

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